Mock Trial

Mock Trial is both a classroom strategy and an extracurricular competition that students have loved for decades. Using a mock court case, students play the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and court officers while learning the lasting skills of public speaking, teamwork, research, collaboration, civil and criminal legal concepts, and civic engagement. It is a way to bring the law alive for students and to give them a voice in what otherwise might seem a very distant judicial system.

If you have questions about Mock Trial or would like help implementing Mock Trail Activities and Strategies into your classroom, send us a message.

Mock Trial Strategy Files

This group of resources is collected for teachers who would like to try Mock Trial as a strategy in the classroom. Mock Trial and these strategies/resources can be customized for Elementary through High School classes. Please feel free to download them and alter them for use in your classroom.

You'll find versions of both PDF and Word Document files to use as you see fit. PDF files are helpful to print and distribute as they are; Word Document files can be used to edit and tailor to your students.

Mock Trial in the Classroom Files

Mock Trial Case Files

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