Community Action Projects (Project Citizen)

Community Action Projects (Project Citizen) is an inquiry-based student action program that can be adapted to suit the needs of your classroom. Every year thousands of students around the country research and collaborate together to develop new policies around issues that are important to them in their communities. Using proven student engagement methods, Community Action Projects can transform civic engagement for all types of learners.

Change your community, change your world!

Also, check out our CAPs Distance Learning Guide – it will give you tips on how to adjust CAPs (Project Citizen) to remote learning.

Community Action Projects: Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Identify a problem or issue in your community

Step 2 – Examine several research-based solutions

Step 3 – Pick a Solution that will have the best outcome and develop an Action Plan to implement the Solution

Step 4 – Testify about Steps 1-3 and be prepared to answer questions from a panel or government entity associated with the issue.

Step 5 – Reflect on the problem-solving process and its outcome

If you would like Classroom Law Project to come to your school or district during the school year to do a Community Action Project (Project Citizen) training, contact Beth Cook.

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